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To me, the worst thing that can happen with film is to not know what to expect. This film seems to be hugely unpredictable.

It's a shame that a vendor that people have depended on for years and decades, to suddenly provide a product with such inferior and completely unpredictable, and sometimes unusable results. Some of the results shown in this thread are truly horrible, and something I wouldn't take money to use. It just isn't worth spending time with.
Many years ago I used some Agfa APX 25 that was kindly given to me. I took it with me on a photo trip, and when I processed the film there was chemical fogging on it where the dye on the film backing paper was imprinted on the film, and ruined every single frame from that trip.

I hope they can realize that it will hurt their reputation to continue selling it. But what's worse is that it gives film photography, as an industry, a reputation for being an unreliable method of photography, something that is absolutely avoidable if it's just given half a chance with the correct methods and appropriate attention to quality parameters.
I agree Tom and film photography needs all the help it can get. I'm beginning to think they don't care about their reputation and only care about unloading this junk on folks that don't read this forum. Screw me once, shame on you! Screw me twice, shame on me! I'm not even going to buy this stuff for testing anymore since I can buy Arista(Foma) brand at a good price and know that film is darn good.