I cut the film up and put it in an acetate A4 sheet. I did crease one of the photos trying to get it back on the reel.

Maybe the film is properly fixed? I did follow the instructions on the bottle and went to the max. Why would the manufacturer state otherwise?

It certainly is fixed to a great extent as the film was hanging in the daylight and the images are still there (for now anyway)

Yes 1 to 3 mix Matt

I'm thinking that if I am to enjoy this I am going to need a dedicated area so I'll need a bigger house. Trying to empty the small cupboard, set up the enlarger, calibrate it all, no sink, no electricity then working in super cramped conditions, annoying family, then put all the cupboard contents back in again...

I think I'll buy a scanner for now and do all this when and if it ever becomes possible! I'd love it if I had the space to do so, meanwhile I'll keep on using film, developing and storing away for future enlargement.