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I think the major problem is the air flight regulation has tightened. Some ingredient in the developer is now considered hazardous.
Completely tangentially, I tried to get Kami scanning fluid from the USA to Aus. They wouldn't ship it, air or sea, because, well, it's practically petrol (gasoline) and rather explosive. They suggested I try get it from the factory in Germany. They'd sell it to me, but no sea shipping, all they would be able to do is to ship it *by air*, but not by courier, it'd count as unaccompanied baggage and I'd have to pick it up directly from the airport. I do hope that doesn't mean it would come in on a passenger plane, sounded rather counterintuitive. But I said no anyway because the fluid was $50, and they wanted 400 to ship it. Sigh. (long story short I found non-flammable Lumina fluid from Canadia.)</tangent>

In general, the problem with getting almost any chemicals this way is like Drew said, Tetenal want to do business in the US, so they've done the hard yards getting all the import approvals and whatnot, because the US is a big market. Doesn't mean they can easily re-ship it out without getting the same approvals.
Even if you can't get the original chems from Germany, have you tried across the water in GuangZhou? There's a big market for everything there, somebody must have something (if not at least a ripoff), I'm sure you could take it back to HK on a train...