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I believe the above statement of yours points in the direction of your answer... It is probably something worth thinking about in earnest before you buy yet another emulsion... or developer.
I think Shawn has a good point. A lot of your posts remind me of some of my students, back in my teaching days. They were enthusiastic and talented, but too easily diverted by film/developer/paper combinations to gain any "traction" in their image making. I had one guy who, almost weekly, would come to me and say, "I saw a few prints by (insert famous photographer here). I read he used (insert camera/film/developer/paper here). I want my work to look like that." He'd then switch films and developers. He never produced anything worthwhile. I also had a girl who stuck with Plus-X/D-76 (if memory serves). Initially, she was very frustrated with her results. Rather than switch, though, she stuck with the combination, did all the boring tests, took notes, and ended up producing some very nice work. I ran into her about 6 years later, after she had finished college (I taught her in high school). She used all of her electives on photo courses, and kept shooting her original combination. She even had a solo exhibit in the campus gallery, the only non art major to ever get one, she told me.