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Nice burn! haha

Thankfully I don't think ALL of my images in my gallery are mediocre or I might be offended LOL
Not what I meant, at all.... You've posted some images I really like. You've also posted some which, to me, weren't close to your best posts. I like your enthusiasm, am bothered by your occasional "just playing around" message accompanying some of your work, as if it's a preemptive apology for not being up to snuff, and am frustrated by your lack of interest in understanding any of the scientific aspects of this combination of science & art that is photography.

That being said, I wouldn't waste my time responding to your posts if I didn't think you have potential. I've enjoyed watching your images improve, and your desire to learn (albeit without actually doing the technical work...) *Now, that was a burn!.* For me the jury is still out as to whether you're someone who wants to be a photographer, or someone who likes to say they're a photographer. But, I am rooting for you...