Firstly, I hope you feel better soon.

Secondly, I think you miss the point...

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I'm constantly surprised and frustrated when I'm looking through a book of photographs by a famous photographer, and almost never is there any indication of what film it is or what developer was used.
As you say, most 'famous' photographers wouldn't consider including that sort of information in a book of their work, just like Michelangelo wouldn't have posted a sign next to one of his sculptures detailing the chisels and hammers that he used.

I for one will never again suggest that you use only one film and developer, Stone. But as long as you are posting on the public boards in the 'frantic/all over the place' manner that you have been, others will. It's only natural.

I might, however, suggest a healthy dose of Ritalin.

End of grumpy rant.