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I have a changing bag and it worked well after a lot of practice.

I thought the room had to be 100% light free. I developed in the kitchen, maybe not do this again!

I think I am super allergic to these chemicals. I noticed my mood deteriorating as well when I am around it, maybe this is concidence but I know this is really harmful and hence the reasoning for ventilation. There is no way I want to try developing under the stairs with 3 trays of chemicals!

Well now you have opened my eyes... I'll try and think where I can enlarge (although doesn't it really need to be dust free and free of vibration?)

Well I could enlarge under the stairs and carry the paper up to the bathroom which needs blacked out (What about electricity, how can you see?) Unless I can wire a safelight into the main light.

Before you come to any conclusions about whether you are allergic to fixer, it might be prudent to try some fixer that is a bit younger than fixer purchased in 1996 .

And ventilation is important - the chemicals used in black and white photography are relatively benign when encountered at working strength, but lack of fresh air is bad for you no matter what you are doing.

For years I worked in a darkroom that was about 4x6 feet, with intruding heating ducts. It can be done.