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It's probably also worth noting a couple of photographers who do include that sort of information and their reasons for doing so. Take John Sexton and Ansel Adams for example. Both of them often times include(d) technical details along with their photographs. But it's important to understand that while both men are(were) great photographers they are(were) also great teachers. Teaching is(was) a major part of their photographic experience. It is equally important to remember that not all artists are teachers, nor are they obligated to be.

Forgive my tense issues, it's late and I can't wait for these !*@#! prints to finish washing...
Nothing you said sounded tense. And I agree I must seem a bit ... "All over the place" I'm better in my head but have trouble verbal icing often the concepts that I understand in my brain because they are often complex. I'm one of those borderline "stupid geniuses" lol (if you think I'm bad, you should meet my dad the physicist/theoretical physical chemist... Hah!).