I am currently in the Costa Brava of Spain having traveled also in France (Arles and Aix en Provence) as well as along the coast. It has been very windy with winds up to perhaps 50mph so if they are typical for the time of your trip the 4x5 could be tricky. We also had heavy rain but has been partly cloudy with some sunny days as well. I have been in Normandy and Brittany in late November and early December and it was cold and rainy.

I have with me two Hasselblad bodies, 150mm, 50mm and 2x plus three filters and a spot meter. I have a small but sturdy Gitzo carbon fiber tripod with a ball head. I took 24 rolls of Delta 400 and don,t think I will use all. Roads are narrow and there is rarely a place to pull off so shooting has been from deliberate locations and we are also sight seeing, etc. The pack weighs about 25lbs so in a city I carry a daypack with one body and the two lenses.

We are heading to Barcelona in a couple of hours so the tripod has been put to bed.