It'll be a little bit before I have results. First, I have to get the freakin mice out of my workshop and reorganize. It got cold all of a sudden and of course they all wanted to come inside!

Stains-all is readily available from a number of suppliers. There's Sigman and Fisher, of course, but Lab Depot, Chemsavers, and other such places list it as well. It sells in the range of $100/gram. Search under "Stains-All", not the impressive chemical name. The CAS Number is 7423-31-6.

I've started wondering if my doctor (as in MD) could order these histological dyes from their suppliers? He does some of his own lab work with microscopes, etc, for fun, I guess; he has a whole little lab setup in the back of his office building. Most of the dyes we are interested in have some use in that field as well.

-- Jason