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I think it depends how much work you are willing to put into it. I would put the crown jewels up here first. If they don't go for a fair price, off to eBay. KEH would be the easiest, but probably the lowest return.
Definitely agree with this. eBay may look better on the surface but you have fees in their system + Paypal, so net will likely be less, plus you have to go off of the actual "Sold Listings" for price estimates versus doing a current search for what is available (i.e.: hasn't sold yet). This throws people off at first, thinking that if there are 5 up there with Buy-It-Now prices at $200, they will get $200 for theirs.

If you live in/reasonably near a larger city, you could try putting up a Craigslist post, although I don't know if it is used much in your area.