I'm not a manufacturer, but cutting/slitting a pancake of 120 film (2.4 inch wide) to load onto spools from a master roll is a very different process from cutting sheets out of a master roll, I would think. They do it elsewhere though and given the legacy machinery at Ferrania I'm as sure as I can be they could if the market was there. My only concern is the size of the plant. What was required to manufacture the huge quantities of film previously sold is now not as useful for shorter runs of varied products. The economy of scale of Kodak was a contributory factor in their contraction as demand fell. Ilford, where I visited last week, coat much smaller widths of master rolls (1.3m) on a versatile machine that can "multitask". Ferrania are not talking paper so that may well not be a concern but the scale of production required maybe. Ilford have also been facing the same chemical restriction problems mentioned on the site not only in "bans" but in suppliers and now manufacture "in house" some key ingredients which previously could be bought in. The R&D is focussed on maintaining the range in production, not expanding it.