Since almost everyone in this thread has referred to the Mona Lisa as the criteria for "art", my irreverent question is, what is so appealing in that painting that is setting everyone's standard. I'm sure everyone will say it is that smile. That perfect smile.

Interesting. While learning portrait photography it was common knowledge that if you encouraged the subject to lift the corners of their mouth in a slight smile you would also, due to how facial muscles are constructed, also add a sparkle to the eyes. It seems that the same muscles that work the corners of the mouth also work the corners of the eyes. Hence a more pleasant portrait. Portrait Photography 101.

So in a thread that is comparing Mona Lisa with Velvet Elvis with each one being a standard - art vs trailer trash art, my question is...

What is your personal reason for thinking the Mona Lisa is the standard for all art. Has this not just been drummed into our collective heads by the art snobs from generations past. Personally I do not find the Mona Lisa to be all that she is advertised, even with the simple trick of lifting up the corners of her mouth.

Just an opinion

Michael McBlane