Thanks for the replies.

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I hope you are aware that requests of this type could be easilyreplaced by the question:what meter do you own?,leading toidentical replies of limited value
Even so, I tend to find anecdotal discussion informative.

I'm now thinking that when I can I ought to just spend out on a 1 degree spot meter for the greatest accuracy. However most of the photography I do at the moment is on the street (also the occasional portrait) which leads me think that quick reflected readings are beneficial. On that basis rather than opting for the Minolta IVF, since I was interested particularly in the spot attachment, the Sekonic L-308 would be a better option as, whilst it does not have spot readings, it does have incident and flash capabilities. Also it seems that I could perhaps afford a brand new for around the price of a second hand Minolta with the required attachment. Then, when I finally own a 1 degree spot meter I will have quite a complete set up.

I have read good reports regarding the Sekonic.

Thanks once again for your comments,