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My 46mm rolls also came today, I wonder if it will be safe to freeze one?

As far as the packaging, ILFORD has for years used the paper box with the plastic bag for their bulk film. I suspect the cans disappeared by the 1990 era. Even the old private label stuff was in a box. Basically the same type of package as Paper is supplied in.

The 46mm rolls just have a printed label with the size and the complete address of the maker. And a batch number, no suggested expiry date. I was surprised by the shape of the box, I wonder if they used the same package for the 70mm film? (Stone you have both - care to comment?)
Same box size, I'm sure that's why it's bigger than last years box, to accommodate the 70mm.

One of the boxes strangely came in styrofoam packaging while the rest were simply wrapped in cardboard. It's caused a lot of problems with styrofoam pieces sticking to the dark bag and film/packaging. I'm not sure why or what happened, it's just one of 4 70mm had styrofoam...

Anyway I've put an inquiry in to find out.

I'm also curious about the storage, since it's not sealed on factory, humidity could have gotten in and might not be safe for freezing...

Refrigeration is fine, but I've already sealed them in plastic bags as a beginning step while we both await an answer about freezing.