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Eastman 5222 (Double-X) film does not have to be developed in a special developer D-96. Motion picture film is typically developed to a lower Contrast Index or Gamma than still films hence the use of a softer developer. The reason for this is because prints are made on positive stock which is fairly contrasty. For still use you can use any film developer you wish.

I prefer to rate 5222 at an EI of 400 outdoors to get a bit more contrast and have used Rodinal 1+49 @ 21C and HC-110 1+49 8.5 m @21C. Because this film is on a thicker base it dries flat and tends not to curl.

Kodak lists an RMS Granularity of 14 (very file) which makes it finer grained than Tri-X RMS Granularity 17 (fine).
Thanks, perhaps it prints better than it scans, (being finer grain than I've experienced) which would make sense since it's an older emulsion formula to my knowledge.

Anyway can not wait to shoot it!!