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This infers to me that the reason he wants to upgrade to the Sekonic L358 is that the 358 has the ability to meter in either the shutter or aperture priority mode, which since I own one I can confirm it does.

But, Benji, francis90 wrote the OP with no mention of aperture vs. shutter priority preference, and nuff is the one of wrote about his own preference for aperture priority

Neverthelss, for the benefit of francis90, I want to explain that with meters that have shutter priority, simply take a reading and if it gives you an f/stop that you are not in favor of, simply click the up or down buttons on the shutter speed selection until you see the f/number you like to use. There is no need to retake the reading again after shutter speed reselection.
So while I like to shoot at a certain aperture, it is no difficulty for me to use a meter with shutter priority.