I'm sure I've told the story of my ungrateful cousin too many times already. Long story short, the "pro" they hired, they hired A: on the cheap, and B: solely on a word-of-mouth recommendation. The groom's family was a VERY large Catholic family so they had 13 siblings on his side of the formals, plus some spouses and children. The "pro" shot all the formals on 35mm film with a wide-angle lens, so when they got the prints back, the only time they could recognize a face was if there were less than 4 people in the photo. I did not shoot any formals for them, just a roll or two at the church during the ceremony, and a couple rolls at the reception. Shot them all in b/w, had them printed on matte paper and edited them into a nice album. I did that part as my wedding gift to them. After the wedding, I hear through my mom that "I SAVED the wedding with my photos" and they would be placing an order for prints. That was in 1996 or 1997, I forget which. Still haven't gotten an order. I suspect they took the prints I gave them to Ritz camera and had copies made on the Kodak CopyPrint station.