I use a Kodak vinyl apron that I bought a very long time ago. I saw a photo of AA recently showing him wearing the same one (great minds think alike! ). It has a cuff along the bottom to trap any chems that run down its length to below the knees. It has grommets for the tie strings at the waist, so I chose to use long shoe strings (flat cross-section) for hiking boots that can allow me to tie in the front at the waist. So I can hang two towels on the string, one on the left hip for dev only with the left hand, and one on right hip for the acidic stuff such as stop bath/fixer with the right hand, to prevent contamination. This way the towels are always with me as I move around the darkroom. Separate containers in the sink have finger dip water for dev and "other" to use before towel drying. Been doing it this way for decades. The excruciating weight of the damp towels then hangs from the waist.