Hi Bill, thank you for your kind words. I have the D76 now which my cousin got from Canada, but I am not getting the time to go to the shop and get empty bottles so that I can develop it. Hopefully soon. I have both D76 and XTOL which one should I go for first. I have a question, how do I get more contrast? Is there anything I can do in PS? (Sorry I know this is forbidden here).

Also, when you guys say more exposure, I don't understand how it would work. As in this case the white shirt was too bright I had to dodge it a little. If I give more exposure then it would be way too bright. Can you explain, really eager to learn.

I have fixed bellows and the lens is only 127mm. I just can wait to save up for a nice camera in which I can use different lenses especially good portrait ones. I was thinking of getting into 8x10 and use x-ray film which tried and it seemed to work fine. It's a lot cheaper as well and I can get it very easily here in Pakistan. If I can contact print an 8x10 x-ray film, which I am not sure if I could then I guess that would eliminate the need for a 4x5 enlarger which is quite impossible to find here and even if I could I don't have space to put it.

Any suggestions on a 8x10 view camera which can be afforded by someone earning in rupees (109 rupees = 1 Dollar)

Anyway thank you, I am enjoying this a lot, even if I cannot manage a real camera I will pursue this.