Maybe this will help:

I know the illustrations are not that good, but you can still see how this reel works. Once you try it i am sure you will see what the "indents" are. Its not clear from what you wrote what exactly might brake. There is no bending or flexing to be done when loading.

When loading 2 up 120 rolls on one reel - you do not need to touch the film. You just need to autoload it all the way in, and make sure it is loaded all the way to the end of the spiral before starting to load the second roll.

I'm getting next info about the 1500 tank, some people say I can just get the water level up to it and others are saying that I can't use it with this processor because I don't have special rollers, so which is it?
You must do BOTH.

You did not say where the magnet fell off.
Often the cement adhearing the magnet to the main drive motor fails over time and any glue/cement would work to put the magnet back in place.

If you are referring to the magnet on the bottom of the tank - you will just need to put it back in place and tap on the tank gently to lock it in place securely.
We have posted a video on how to do this.