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It appears I am mistaken, although I have read numerous accounts of the 2509 reels (even admitted by jobo) giving increased density on the edges of film.

As for "not having the right machine" I'm not sure what you're talking about, wildbill, as far as I know the CPP2 can handle any and all drums, expert or otherwise.

I apologize for any confusion, I was simply relaying what I have read on LFPF and photo.net.

No need to say that my knowledge of my own processor is completely invalid.
Well considering everything that you just said in the statement is also wrong, I am starting to question the rest of your answers LOL

First off, I have the CPE processor not CPP2 so mine is different and doesn't take the expert drums...

Two the 2509 reels ARE NOT the expert drum "gun revolver looking" processors... The EXPERT drum is the gun revolver, the 2509 is the one that my multitank 5 uses which I have heard aren't as great for some films because of the issues you mentioned, however I'm not buying a new processor NOR the expert drums anytime soon even if I would prefer the expert drum, it's just not in my budget (hence taking this CPE at rock bottom prices...

Also, you're taking heresay and not actual experience, AND quoting photo.net... Not the best source LOL