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It appears I am mistaken, although I have read numerous accounts of the 2509 reels (even admitted by jobo) giving increased density on the edges of film.

I apologize for any confusion, I was simply relaying what I have read on LFPF and photo.net in regards to issues with 4x5" roller processing.

No need to say that my knowledge of my own processor is completely invalid.
No, the 2509 reels do have issues sometimes, they are nothing to do with Expert Dums which are really like a revolver with a set of tubes encased in a cylinder.

Stone, The processor you have is as stated a CPE, the tempering bath that accompanied it is called a TPE, they were later merged to become the CPE2.

I have a TPE but use it for my 35mm and Roll Film stand and semi stand processing as the film tank sits in the waterbath and temperature is maintained over the development time.

I also have a CPE2 which I no longer use and would have been ideal for you but for two exceptions, 1) it is 240 volt and 2) it is in the UK.

The reason I no longer use the CPE2 is that a year or so ago I was fortunate to find a late model CPP2 with lift in mint condition on ebay for 450 Euros delivered from Germany, I really lucked in with that and since buying it have no longer any need for the CPE2.

So, you need to keep a look out on ebay or Craigslist for either a TPE or a cheap CPE2.

Oh and to those that say they do not use a Jobo reel to process 2x 120 or 2x 20 exp of 35mm on a single reel, I do it all the time and it does not cause me any problems.