Last year, I made a large purchase at a camera store in South Carolina and the owner put these, along with a few other goodies, into my bag as bonuses. I have no use for these and would feel guilty charging money for them, so I'm going to offer them in trade. All appear to be working condition, but I don't have cameras they'll fit on so I can't absolutely guarantee them. I've given them a decent first cleaning, but they all could use a really good thorough cleaning.

I'll take fresh or mildly expired (2000+), B&W or C-41, better quality (no Kodak Gold, Fuji Superia, etc.) film in 35mm, 120, 4x5, or 5x7, equal in fair value to the item, plus my shipping cost. I'll ship the cheapest method I can, CONUS, but will be glad to ship USPS Priority Mail or international if you make it worth my while!

1. First up is an Ihagee prism, I assume for Exakta cameras. It is all metal with a black enameled base with "Ihagee Dresden" on the side, and features a very neat pop-up sports finder. Includes elastic plastic shower-cap protective bonnet and brown leatherette case.

I have two teleconverters that seem to have the same type of mount: a thin bayonet on the camera side, and a silver ring on the lens side with a lever and side arm. Could these be Exakta as well? I don't know.

2. Accura Diamatic AutoXtender 2X teleconverter, Japan. The side arm has a little plunger with what looks to be a cable release thread. Comes with black leatherette case and one cap.

3. Spiratone Auto 3X Converter, Japan. The side arm has a little knurled screw-down bolt, no threading. Comes with black leatherette case, two caps, and printed instruction sheet.

4. Kodak Advantix APS film, 1 2-roll pack, 25 exposures each roll, ISO 400. Expiration 01/2006, stored room temperature.