I never realized my Minolta IIIf was shutter priority. Live and learn. But that's a good point. I usually am more concerned with setting my aperture at a particular setting. I suppose it would be better for me if the unit allowed aperture as priority. But I'd still have to mentally calculate and adjust the settings since the readings will then usually fall between shutter speed click points anyway. My Mamiya click at half stops for aperture. So I'm not sure it's a big deal. I've been using my IIIf with both incident and reflective using the 10 degree spot attachment The spot seem to be OK for landscape work. It measures pretty much as my digital camera on m43 when its ojh center readings. I usually bracket too. I've tested the flash readings. But I don;t shoot with a flash so I can't say how good it is. The rest of the meter is pretty good although after 20+ years the electronic finally failed a month ago and I replace the unit. Paid $89 for a used one on ebay. (I kept the spot as that's fine).