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Docks: Nikon F3 - 35/1.4 - Neopan 400 @ 1600, with a Red25 filter, D76 1+0
Stairs: Leica M2 - Summicron 50/2 Dual Range - HP5+ @ 200, Cachet AB55
Alleyway: Leica M2 - Summicron 50/2 Dual Range - Kentmere 400 @ 400, Rodinal 1:50
Snow: Leica M2 - Summicron 50/2 Dual Range - Tri-X at 400, Rodinal 1:50

for what it's worth, all of the following are also HP5+ in Rodinal 1:50, with the same M2/Summicron combination, some with a b+w mrc 090 red filter.

That Bass shot is BEAUTIFUL!

Well, total fail! Haha originally I did think the stairs was HP5+ but then went with the alleyway.

I did also think the Neopan400 could have been pushed in that docks scene, as I said "over exposed horses"

And using filters and rating crazy extremes is a bit of trickery, then again you did say "with the right tools and skill you can use a film to look many ways" so ultimately looks like I fail haha.

Good job this was fun!