back to topic, the ‘Ilford Factory Tour’:
Last week I had the pleasure to join one of the factory tours. It was absolutely fantastic!
Dear Michelle, Helen, Simon and Howard, a big “thank you” to you and all your colleagues at Ilford for the outstanding factory tour! It has been so interesting and fascinating.
And so perfectly organized!
I've joined quite a lot of factory tours in my career, not only in the photo industry, but also in several industrial sectors, but the Ilford factory tour has been a real highlight.

I have so much respect for the outstanding job you and your colleagues at Ilford have done in the last years.
Despite the paradigma change in the photo industry, despite the "digital tsnumai", despite all these very big difficulties, you have been successful in keeping this huge factory running.
With a clear vision, keeping the whole product portfolio alive. No other manufacturer has done that.
Really an outstanding job! It is like a little miracle.
Thank you very much for that!
Because as an enthusiast photographer I am benefitting from that: I can continue using the products I like and need for my photography.
You have supported me as a photographer, so I will continue to support you as a manufacturer.
We’ve clearly seen the passion the Ilford team has for their products. They are really committed to film. That’s exactly what the market needs.

Best regards,

P.S.: The tour was not only so much informative, but also very entertaining:
Simon, if you and Howard would make a little “Ilford stand-up comedy show”, it will be a great success, and you could probably double the Ilford profits .
Wonderful British humor at its best.