Dear Henning,

So pleased you enjoyed it, it was good to meet you as well...

Regarding XP2 Super and the notes about the chemical that we must replace ( DBT ). This is currently being worked on by our R&D and Product Technology Group. In common with many chemicals and components used in the assembling and coating of film and paper products DBT is used in tiny, tiny concentrations but is an important additive. We face these type of issues on a regular basis and we have the technology and the skills required to reformulate, and the facilities to manufacture our own chemical solutions for whatever product so as we can continue to manufacture the whole ILFORD range, that as I have already explained is our intention to continue so to do, all product families will continue to be manufactured and that most certainly includes XP2 Super.

The skill is to ensure that after this, and any other change forced upon us for whatever reason, is to ensure whichever product or products that are affected continue to perform and behave in exactly the same way and produce exactly the same result, I have not one iota of doubt that we will achieve this is the case of XP2 Super and any other product similarly affected in future.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :