At first the inverted image of a view camera was something I was able to deal with. Then it became something I got used to and was comfortable with using but I always realized it was inverted and thought of it as such. I thought this was as good as it gets. "Wow I have arrived, I are a LF photographer".

At some later point it became right, or natural, or normal. Whatever you want to call it I no longer noticed the gg image was different from the subject. I don't even know how long it had been before I noticed that my brain had apparently learned to switch between GG viewing and "reality" viewing but when I finally noticed it I just stood at the camera stunned.

It made me consider how much of what we percieve of the world is in many ways controlled by how our brain has been trained. Is this self induced brain washing? If I can train myself to do this what else is possible? I have come to believe from this and other observations that our reality is far more maleable then we would like to believe.

But I digress from photography and will end up in politics and religion if I don't stop. So to get back to the initial question, your brain can invert it for you so in the end you don't need the lens to do it for you.