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Have you cleaned (brushed, blown out) the bellows?

Do the spots occur when you do consecutive exposures (and film transport) without closing the bellows inbetween?
The Isola does not have bellows, it's of the collapsable lens variety, and I've simply removed the entire lens/shutter assembly and replaced it with a piece of black card with a hole for the pinhole plate. Perhaps you're thinking of the Isolette?

When I look at the negatives it seems as if the ones that suffer from dust the most are the ones where the film has been sitting "unrolled" on the film gate inside the camera for some time before the exposure, the ones were I've made several exposures in "rapid" sucession (as rapid as it can be with a pinhole camera) does not suffer from dust spots to the same extent. I suppose one could come to the conclusion that there is loads of dust inside the camera that settles on the film when it's left, er... exposed... for some time. Maybe I ought to get one of those vacuums Dr. Croubie mentioned.