Well, today I actually shot a film I have before, but in a totally different way. I packed two rolls of Delta 3200 to use with the 80/1.9 indoors in dimly lit pubs taking pics of poets (which I've done with every other roll of it that I've shot)
But a) when I got to the airport security and tried to get them passed around the xray-machine they made me open them to prove there was film in them. So I can't re-freeze in case I freeze the humidity into them and may as well use them up while I'm here. And b) because my flight landed at 9pm, by the time I got to the poetry gig last night, I only got 5 shots in before it was all over.

So today, for the first time, I've been shooting Delta 3200 (rated at 3200) in full sunlight (in between the Ektar, already through two rolls of that).
f/22, 1/1000, orange filter and CPL all together. Normally I would prefer to use the Efke25 and PanF50 for grain-free detailed landscapes, but halfway through I realised: this current government is so regressive (even calling them conservative gives them too much credit), that shooting really-grainy retro-looking century-old shots of parliament-house would match their policies perfectly...