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Thanks for the comments. These things give me pleasure every time I pick them up.

I thought about publishing the details, but my web expertise is zero. The idea of offering some for sale also crossed my mind, but making these things would get in the way of taking pictures. What to do.....?

I know.... There's a P-38 and a PBY Catalina not too far from here. I'll put some film in my new "babies" and let them see what old airplanes look like!!...

See you folks later...
Wow, they are really nice. Makes me almost want to take up woodworking, but I am still trying to figure out photography.

If you want, I would be happy to thow together a web page that you could post on a free web host or the like. You could also get some space from Sean for a few bucks and avoid the ads you get with the free ones. Let me know.