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I don't know if you've seen this website or not, but the links it provides might help in terms of prices: click He doesn't list Yodobashi but I'm sure you can get any kind of film developed there. Maybe others can chime in with real experience.

I've never had my film developed in Tokyo (although I've rented darkrooms there), but I live in a relatively small city (approx. 800,000 people) in Kyushu, and I can get 120 colour positive or negative film developed in two hours or less for about 700 yen (developing only). I'm sure the big labs out in Tokyo must be comparable in terms of speed, although price is bound to be more expensive, especially with prints. Generally negative or slides come back to you sleeved, but you can ask for it to be uncut (which I usually do when I shoot with a Holga) or mounted (in the case of transparencies). The same site has a generally good list of translations for the terminology you may need to use with Japanese speakers: click.
Thank you very much. If only I can find these places while in Tokyo. The Japanese address system is more inscrutable than Zen!