Perhaps this explains it best: a negative provides a visual, tangible image that most assuredly is 'there'. A digital capture provides a theoretical image that will not manifest until the software confirms this (and, hopefully, at that).

As analogy, take traveling: you have two distinct ways to take money. Either a debit/credit card or travelers cheques. Now the Travelers Cheques are: cumbersome, lower exchange rate, lines to wait in, etc, BUT...their denomination is readily ascertainable and if lost, can be replaced MUCH more readily than a card can (usually, as AMEX might have immediate replacement, I do not know). The fact remains is this: do you want convenience over avoidance of disaster? I like the more conservative approach: I do not wish to be stranded, so travelers cheques seem to be more in line with reality, cumbersome as they are. - David Lyga