Omega D II 4x5 Enlarger

I have an Omega D II enlarger that's free for the taking. I picked this up to pull some parts, but realized that with a little bit of work it could be functional. I fixed a few things but have decided that I'm not going to take it any further. I'd like to pass it on to someone who could use it.

The enlarger is quite dirty, and paint has flaked off in various spots.
All of the functions work with the exception of the list below, but a good cleaning and lubrication will make them work smoother.
The bulb socket is not standard but works fine.

The good:
Bellows are light tight.
Column is sturdy on the baseboard. Baseboard might need to eventually be replaced though it looks like it may have gotten wet at some point.
Adjustment screws for negative stage are all turnable, but a little chewed up.
Condenser lifter arm works (one screw/pivot replaced).
Enlarger head moves up and down, and both coil springs work (one is a little bent).

The bad:
Column lock for head height adjustment not functioning and missing a part. Head moves snugly on the column though and doesn't fall on it's own. Fixing the lock or a simple hand clamp would lock it down tight.
Both condenser lenses have a chip on the edge about the size of a dime. Would most likely show up in a 4x5 negative, but probably not in a medium format or 35mm negative. I put a little black marker on the chips, but paint would be better.
The lens board screws are a little loose in their threads and one is slightly bent, but work as they are supposed to.

Comes with
Vivitar 75mm/f3.5 lens (fogged and scratched)
homemade lensboard
75w enlarger bulb (working)

Does not include any negative holders, lenses, or any other items other than what's pictured.

I will not part this out, must take the whole thing.

Due to size and weight, local pick up only in Crystal, MN (Minneapolis suburb).

PM if interested. Thanks!