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There are practical reasons to use film as well.

I shot some digital photos this past weekend for our Christmas card. It was a contrasty scene, but nothing out of the ordinary. My fair-skinned daughter's face was completely blown out and the images were unusable. I was using my Canon 5Dii, which is a very nice camera. I guarantee had I been using my EOS 3 and Portra film, they would have come out just fine. Yes, I could have probably bracketed the scene and shot in RAW and used Photoshop and digital would have gotten the job done. Lesson learned -> next time plan ahead and shoot a roll of film.
There's no reason that should have happened with a digital camera, you shouldn't blame the digital for your own failures of exposure when you can look right at the back(not that you need to, but you have that option if you're unsure if the exposure and you're not using a separate meter), I own the same camera and you have to try really hard to blow stuff out on that thing. I agree film has a little more play in c-41 or B&W film, but you blowing out your daughters face isn't the digital camera, that's your ability to properly use it.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, I'm not defending digital, I love film, and shoot more film than digital, I just didn't like that example because it's a false example IMO.