Okay, time for some overdue comments on cards received so far.

First one this round was Lilian Sly. Evening at the cardboard house. Not sure I can match the title to the scene, but… I like both, especially the photo. Good to have you back on board, Lillian, and great to see this beautiful HIE shot.
TXFZ1, pitcher window, you caught the light perfectly, the pitcher has an almost silvery glow to it. Great still life.
Mark_S, locomotive detail, another beautiful print, well composed, great.
mjs, be the art. I can just keep looking at this print. Great fun was had, that is what the picture breathes, I feel like I was there just by looking at it. Goes to show that even a colorful event works out well in B&W.
drpsilver, Krishna, contemplative, tranquil, serene. A soothing and calming print in a busy world.
rince …and another calming print. Beauty. Great detail (obviously), well executed. Usually, taking photos like these is not really a calming activity. That is… if you do it outside, where the wind constantly moves your subject subtly out of focus. But… the calm is there, thanks.
anikin, Taipei night market delights. This breathes the atmosphere of such a market (as I imagine it to be; never been there, but with this print, I feel like I'm there, just for a while). As others mentioned, great paper, I really like it. Comparable to the look of Ilfochrome as I remember it.
Kc2edh, Trout Brook, maybe my comments get boring, but all I can say is that this is yet another lovely shot and great print. Lovely atmosphere, it all matches.

That's what I have received so far. Just a small note; not all cards included the number of this exchange, so I hope I have attributed them all correctly.
Great cards so far, looking forward to more!

As for my contribution: I printed my cards last weekend, on old Agfa Brovira paper. The next morning, they were all curled up, so they are now spending some time beneath a big, heavy stack of books. So I ask for just one or two more weeks of your patience. I might decide to send them in envelopes anyway, depending on how curly they still are next week.