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Perhaps but if I want sharpness I rarely will hand hold anything short of 1/125th, even with my Leicas and Rolleiflexes. Those who claim handhold-ability down to 1/15th on rangefinders or even SLRs are just accepting more shake and blurriness than I ever would. I often do use my Hassy on a tripod at lower speeds but again nothing but tack sharpness, unless I missed the focus.
I wouldn't claim to be able to get down to 1/15th with the Mamiya RZ67, but I've certainly gotten tack sharp images at 1/60th.

I've gotten tack sharp images to probably 1/30th on the Canon 1V, but probably not 1/15 unless I'm resting it on a banister or something, and then it's almost like using a tripod...

On the other hand I've gotten nice shots at 1/8th with my Mamiya 7 ... but you have to be REALLY careful and brace yourself against something, and your subject can't be moving either LOL.