Selling my beloved RZ76. This has been my best companion for more then 10 years. Recently it has been sitting in its bag and so its time to move it along to someone who will use it. I have used this camera as a walk around camera for at least 4 of the 10 years i had it (was in a medium kata "banana" production bag, and it is probably the best camera i have owned, as far as sharpness and versatility.
When handheld, I used this camera with a stroboframe left hand grip which i am happy to include with the camera if buyer is interested. This was also a great flash bracket when shooting with an on camera flash (i used an SB-24).

Revolving back, pretty much limitless min focus with any lens, extremely useful in the studio, and super easy to handle hand held when running about on the outside. Put it on a tripod when your can and you you will not believe what it can do.

RZ67 Body with waist level view finder is in very nice shape for a user camera. Everything works as it should, no issues. Nice clean and clear focus screen. Battery probably still has several thousand shots left on it.

The 90mm, which is a MC lens, with no electronics (originally from an RB67) is one of the sharpest lenses i have used. Most of the work i did with this was commercial, and you could take a luope to a 30X40 inch print and still see there was much more detail to enlarge with. It is really very very sharp. The 90mm comes with a Sigma EX MC uv filter, that has never been taken off, and lens itself is immaculate. As this lens is the no electronics lens, you set the aperture AND the speed on the lens, and sync off the PC port on the lens. All speeds are spot on, including the longer ones.

180mm is in perfect shape, as noted above i almost never used it.

Both 120 Backs are in perfect condition, but are used and show brassing here and there.
Polaroid back takes the PF100c and soon to be gone FP3000b packs and all 6XX polaroid pee apart stuff. Work perfectly.

Both front and rear caps for both lenses, one back has its cover for when off the camera.
Original mamiya strap included.

Asking 675$ OBRO for this kit. Will cover shipping in the US and paypal fees. International shipping extra.
% to APUG.

Will throw in the kata case (see details here: for an extra few bucks.


Will consider trades for:
Modern 645 system with an AE prism or modern 135mm/150mm 4X5 lens

Wow, i did not realize how much i like this camera, looking back at all the work i have done with it.