So, tonight I made the 1% solution of the Eastman 2718 dye in ethanol. Since I did not know what to expect, I thought I would leave my notes here for others who might wonder as well.

The dye itself is very fine dark olive-green power. Think army green but about two shades darker. It cakes easily and sticks to everything.

Once mixed with ethanol it makes an intensely purple colored solution, almost florescent.

My mixing was done by putting a small clean funnel into the dropper bottle I'm using sat on my Ohaus balance and using the handle of a plastic spoon to add the 250mg dye. (Zero the weight of the bottle and funnel, add 250mg and carefully add dye till zero'ed again.) The dye clogs in the funnel but a few solid raps on the bench top got almost all of it through. Then used 25ml of ethanol to wash the rest through the funnel.

Any spillage can be easily cleaned up with water. Interestingly the dye turns grey in contact with water.