Hi folks, long time lurker... don't post much.

I absolutely love my RB67 but at the end of the day I end up leaving it at home because of it's overall size. The negs coming off this camera are just beautiful, but again my only complaint is the size.
I looked at Rolleiflexes, recently bought one off Craigslist and got burned. I only put in 100 dollars but the camera had a dead shutter, I took a chance and now am finding out a repair will be big money. I love the size of the Rollei but am lost with the infinite models they made.

If you loved MF and size were an issue, as well as maintaining a purely mechanical system...

what would your suggestions be?

PS, I am looking to combine an M6 and a MF rig to fit in a Billingham bag and be something that is always by my side.