Hello APUG!
I heard about this site from the guys over at the film photography podcast quite a while ago and just am getting around to joining up.
I have been into photography for as long as i can remember.I have always had a camera of some sort over the last 30 years.
But my most recent love for film started out when i was helping clean out my gramdparents basement and came across 4,000 feet of old family 8mm home movies.
I packed them up into a new box and took them home looked online for a projector and was sucked in.After having a hard time trying to find 8mm film to use in a newly bought 8mm camera i drifted to film cameras and came across the film photography podcast.The guys over there where awesome enough to send me my first of many cameras.It was the good ol canon ae-1 program.Since then i have aquired a boat load of cameras in 35 and 120mm.This site looks like a great place to get to talk to people about what i love.Thanks!!!!