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There are 2 identical rechargeable battery packs about the size of a D cell. They are run in parallel, for reason of capacity. You can get by with 1. Each unit contains 5, 1.2v Cd rechargebles of the big button type. I have also run 4-AAA alkalines (total 6v) that I soldered together. But you have to keep making packs that way. Nine volts is too much voltage, and no capacity, and big expense. My remedy works very well. But I advise making up both packs, both for weight and capacity's sake. It's the weight that makes the EL fire smooth, along with the ingenious little pin on the drive gear that pushes the mirror back up after the big whack and bounce. Smooth as a Rollei. (almost).
I think the simpler solution is to not use this camera at all, and keep my money, which takes a tiny little battery that I can buy anywhere (well not anywhere, but at most CBS's and obviously online which is a better deal in sets of 5 for $10) no wonder they're so cheap

If I'm going to buy another meeting format system, it better damn well not need batteries at all... The whole mixture of batteries and cameras for film just annoys the heck out of me lol. I do too much shooting in weather conditions that and up killing batteries, like freezing weather etc., so that's why I went large-format, no batteries thank goodness!

The only thing in my kit that needs a battery is the spot meter, if I could find a good spot meter that didn't require batteries I would be in heaven!