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I don't believe you. Why would big companies that give their employees good insurance suddenly want to drop them to part time to avoid doing what they've ALWAYS done for those employees?
Actually, I work for a very large company. They provided insurance well before this Obamacare debacle. We were warned about upcoming changes when the law goes into effect. For those in my region, changes were far less noticeable, but in other areas, changes were quite drastic.

My company pays the greater portion of our insurance, and when the statement came out, I saw a large increase in what they're paying. If that increase holds true for many smaller companies, I can see where others may not be able to continue providing as much. I have also seen first hand other companies having to cut hours to keep the business running, either through workforce reductions, or hour reductions to PT to save on costs.

Politics aside, certain requirements of the law require vast administrative resources. Because certain plans do not meet the new requirements of the law, plans have to change and costs increase. The law doesn't do anything about increased insurance costs caused by the lawsuit lottery and junk science. These lawsuits cost consumers far more than general healthcare.