I've had this discussion before, too, though before I'd used a digital (besides a P&S anyway). With film, I nearly always have a good idea what I'll have on my film, especially if I'm shooting while thinking. If I'm just rattling off shots to finish a roll or something, then it drops to most being what I expected. I've found that I'm more likely to need to change things after looking at the screen with the digital because I don't pay quite as much attention before the first shot. I also know that what I see on the LCD is not exactly what I'll get in the computer. And I've gone out with both and had a contact sheet in my hands before getting the files off the card into the computer. Yeah, the Tri-X ones were just what I thought they'd be, too.
As long as my brain is engaged, I know what I'll have on film. (I'm still learning on 4x5, though - getting better with it)