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I wish you the best of luck. However most art related kickstarter campaigns don't make their goal and you are asking for a lot more $$ then most art projects on kickstartet.

I know you want color film, but have you considered going B&W and using X-ray film.
Cut the sheets in half and you have 200 shoots of film for $90.
I have used 8x10 and 7x17 xray emulsion. I've mastered 8x10, but the 7x17 xray film is problematic. I've given up on 7x17 xray because no matter how careful I am after a full day shooting and another full day processing I'll get bad scratches on my negatives (I've tried stripping the backs of the negatives too), and I often get bad overprocessing on the edges of the film:


I do like 8x10 x-ray very much, but I prefer it for portraits in the studio over outdoor work (so far, I haven't taken any outdoor photography with x-ray film that I'm very excited about). I process them in tanks and hangers, scanned it with my Epson v750 and made 40x50 inch prints and made our photography department's jaws drop.

There is a better x-ray negative scan on Kickstarter. This is a scan of a contact print.

There is a place for x-ray film for me, but not with the 7x17. Two heavily invested days are wasted. I do use Ilford 7x17 black and white films. In fact many are. With 7x17 color, I'm aiming to knock the socks off of Koreans with the incredible detail. I'm aiming to make prints similar to Vincenzo Castella's 12x20 inch negative enlargements. No one is doing that kind of work here. Why should the Italians have all the good work?