Hi everyone. New Dublin based film shooter here.
I have really fond memories of being a kid and dropping rolls of film off at the local newsagents and waiting a few days/week to get them back. Always loved that part. And I really miss the part where every time I dropped a roll of film in I was given a new one for free.

So cut to many years later, after a huge hiatus from photography I eventually ended up working in it! Digital made it happen. I'm a portrait photographer. Have been professionally for four years now. So I take a lot of the same type of photos day in and day out and I actually love it because the people are always different.

Back to now, I found some very old rolls of childhood photos at home and after having left them in to get developed I found myself getting really excited about seeing what was on them.
Film has brought back some of the magic to photography for myself. I love 'the waiting game'. Dug out an old Rangefinder and shot a few rolls. Yes I totally sucked! But I was suddenly gripped to shot more personal work. Got myself a copy of 'Film is not dead', bought a few more rolls. Added a bargain price Holga. And I'm just having fun. (Also need to have the rangefinder CLA'd, any recommendations?) Really want a Mamiya RZ ProII. No idea why but just knew it was for me if that makes any sense.

Anyway ah that was a little more long winded than I intended but........