if you read what you actually wrote

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Kodak seems to have learned nothing... LOL still just love to bleed money everywhere lol
it seems you are talking about the "modern kodak and companies that spun off of the old dying company "
at least that is what i translated your off the cuff remarks ..

whether it is the movie film division, the film / entertainment division or the other divisions they are all in play now hoping to stay alive..
and i found it to be kind of hilarious that you would make a comment that they are bleeding money everywhere after they restructured their company
into smaller divisions, private entities that are forced to work together in this new world they have found themselves in ...
20 years ago when they were in the middle of making boatloads of cash of of the movie industry, and the camera toting public and professional photographers
they would have laughed at you if you asked them to cut their movie film stock as sheet film but now they might do it as long as a minimum order is reached ...
it seems they have learned a great deal from the past, and they are catering to their small customer base's needs and doing their best to be profitable ...
not really bleed money everywhere.

unless of course you were suggesting their paying lawyers and consultants zillions of dollars was the bleeding of money everywhere .
i just thought your comment was kind of funny, and ill informed ...

couldn't care less about your equipment, what exposure system you use or what materials you expose what photographers you idolize

no ... not coming after you with pitchforks and torches, just getting a good laugh out of some of your threads LOL hahaha