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Jut picked up a Medalist II. Outwardly looks ok and need to cleaning. Looking inside with back swung away looks like it needs a good cleaning and lubrication job.

As as typical it seems I cannot get the shutter to fire. I've tried setting the frame counter as described in the operator manual but no luck. No film was used or injured in the process - yet.

Anyone have copy of a service or repair manual? I am not yet comfortable in removing the lens 'group' as I am not yet familiar with all the parts and proper terminology.

Did you make sure you had the focus racked out to between INF. and 3 1/2 feet? Do this and then cock the shutter with the lever behind the little viewfinder window. Now trip the shutter and see what happens. I'd also set the shutter speed to 1/100th of a second or close to it. These are very fine cameras, but service manual is a certain "MUST HAVE" FOR THE OWNER/USER. JohnW