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Are you looking for a total of $20, or $20 each? If $20 each, you could probably go down to the thrift store and find some for $5 USD or less. If shipping from US-HK wasn't so prohibitive, I would be willing to send you the 20 that my local store has for $3 each.
I was thinking 20 dollars each. The HP5 dispospals are already about 10 dollars each.
I'll be visiting my family in Toronto in a few months, which will give me a bit ot time to scrounge through a few thrift stores there.
I've been looking at shops in HK, but they tend to overprice for these type of things (around 100 USD a pop) and aren't really reliable when it comes to standards. if it's broke, your out of luck.
I've also been looking at KEH. they haven't sent me a broken camera yet. The HP5 might be a plan B.